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"I'm not just the president of Starcorp, I'm also involved in every search."

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Recruiting Talent

Searching for star talent is difficult and time-consuming. It's our business to recruit using only the best resources and trained personnel to locate qualified people and present your opportunity to them in a highly professional manner. Because we conduct an intensive, carefully targeted recruiting effort, we are able to identify quality candidates quickly. Our recruiting skills enable us to gain access to top talent while maintaining confidentiality until mutual interest is established.

STARCORP Group's search and recruitment reputation in Engineering & Construction has been achieved through successfully filling key management and technical staff positions. Expertise and global reach provide excellent outcomes in search assignments for our Canadian and international clients.

STARCORP is ideally placed to service both project owners and contractors in the recruitment of specialists in such functions as design, engineering, construction tradesmen and project management.

Our edge becomes your edge. Knowing your industry and its key players enables us to conduct a comprehensive search targeting the professionals you need. The result? Clients enjoy an expedited selection process because we've already sourced many qualified candidates. Our expertise in your industry allows us to spend more time learning about your specific needs and less time getting up-to-speed with the marketplace.

STARCORP does not use researchers or utilize third parties to place initial, qualifying calls. Each assignment is handled from beginning to end by an experienced search consultant who utilizes a global candidate database, does the research, makes every phone call, speaks to every candidate and conducts every reference check.